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New Excel function (1 Viewer)

Uncle Gizmo

Nifty Access Guy
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Today, 00:02
Jul 9, 2003
I was impressed with this video demonstrating an up-and-coming new function for filtering in Excel....

Return Multiple Results from an Excel Table with One Function

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Yesterday, 17:02
May 22, 2010
Nice tip Uncle. Excel has to be the most under utilized App in the Microsoft suite. I believe Power users access a tiny fraction of this apps capabilities.

Note: I noticed Jon moved Excel off the bottom. I think that's fair.


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Today, 00:02
May 21, 2011
Based on my experiences over the last 10 years & even more so with a new global employer for the last 3 months I'd say Excel is the most over used and abused application in the MS suite.. I watch hours being wasted battling files with umpteen nested lookups and isna formulae that become unreadable and a performance nightmare.

Just because users can doesn't mean they should ;)

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