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Oct 13, 2013
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am Jack, but at work they call me the MacroGuru. I find that sharing information leads to knowledge and success. Everytime I try to help someone out, I learn more. So salute to everyone on the Forum sharing their challenges and solutions!!!

I have been a programmer for over 17 years and have worked in every environment from Web Development, through application development. Being a consultant for a large portion of this time, (I am sure you already guessed that), I have found the need to find great solutions in the least amount of time. Not the best sceniaro for the developer, but a work requirement all the same. I have also spent over 4 years as a college CIS professor and the facilty sponsor for the student branch of AITP.

Over the years I have found out one constant: I love building things. I don't care what language, environment or level. Whether it is enduser, enterprise or production projects, I just love building solutions. If I am not on the computer, I love to build, fix, repair junk around the house. The bonus about that is Cindy, my better half, loves it! Everything around the house is always repaired and working. Happy wife, happy life! Cindy says it is because I love puzzles so much.

Favorite hobbies are Tennis, Golf, Kayaking, Motorcycling, Sailing, Flying, (as the pilot, not passenger) and family. I love tinkering on cars, (with four kids, [21,22,24,25] there is always something broke), working on homes repairing the aches and pains of aging and being the guy everyone calls for lending a hand.

I still coach tennis, golf and baseball in my community, tutor HTML, C++, Java, JavaScripting, VBA and Visual Basic. I teach community service classes in Microsoft Office applications to 5 public libraries and free lance on the side as a solutions developer.

So, you can see I really believe the more you give the more you receive in return. The best thing ever is seeing a smile from someone who "Just got it".

I look forward to being a member of this forum and learning more from you all.

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