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Feb 22, 2021
Hello fellow Access users! I am brand new to the site but looking forward to learning and contributing as I go. I have some experience with VBA and Access from years ago, but have a new project so trying to resurrect the old chops (like starting from scratch in some ways!). I'm an avid cyclist and also have a music recording studio where I write and record myself and sometimes others. Also love backpacking and cycling long distances when I'm not in front of the computer!


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Sep 28, 1999
Welcome to the forums! We are the most active Microsoft Access community on the internet by far, with posts going back over 20 years!

Here are just a couple of tips for you:

1. Feel free to ask any question you like, however basic you may feel it is, or even if it has been answered before. Our expert members thrive on helping you out!

2. If you prefer a dark theme to the forums, just go to the bottom left of this forum and click "Default style". You will then see a selection of themes to choose from. I like Shades of Blue. :)

3. If you like any of the answers you get, feel free to click the "Like" link on the bottom right hand corner of the post. If you hover over the Like link, you can even choose the type of smiley.

Above all, hang around here, have fun, learn stuff and join in.


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Feb 28, 2001
Welcome to the forum. I have limited experience with recording studios, only ever had my music recorded in two places. Cosimo Vitassi's studio in New Orleans (he's deceased now) and Jim Boutwell's studio in Birmingham (lost track of him.)

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