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Oct 5, 2017
Hello all,
Let me see if I explain this properly.

I am opening a report from a Pop up Form (the pop up is set to open as acDialog). The Report, set to open as acWindowNormal, does not become the main window or the current view screen when the pop up closes, I have to click on tab to view it.

I have tried setting focus to a report control when the pop up closes or when the report loads but even though the focus is set the report still remains in the "background".

In the attached db the button "RECEIVABLE REPORT" triggers the event


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It's annoying. I have to close the form when the report opens and then re-open the form when the report closes. I use the reports On Close event to re-open the form.
I'm gonna venture a guess that your table is corrupted

Set report to be a popup and it will be on top of popup form.
Opens fine on my PC. I've attached a zip copy.
odd. I get the same thing

found the problem

I don't think that's a common font. I don't have it.
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