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Jul 25, 2011
I have a report with one Grouping. When I insert a page break (Tried each of the group header, Group Footer and end page) I get an an extra page per group but it only shows the Header information not any data. It's a bit like the margins are to wide but have tested the theory.
Any ideas


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May 9, 2019
Here is an article that may help...

Insert a page break control in an Access report
Use the Force New Page setting in a grouped report

Some report designs are best when displayed with each group starting on a new page. You can create this format by using the Force New Page property to force a page break every time the group value changes.

Force New Page property settings

(default setting) No forced page break.

Before Section
Starts printing the current section from the top of a new page when there is a new group.

After Section
Starts printing the next section from the top of new page when there is a new group.

Before & After
Starts printing the current and the next sections on a new page when there is a group.

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