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aziz rasul

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Jun 26, 2000
I restored a Drive Image file for my C drive. When I start my PC, I get two options i.e. to start Windows XP or select the Recovery Console.

When I select Windows XP, it gets to the point of showing the Windows XP screen with the blue progress bar and then restarts the PC.

If I select the Recovery Console, I simply get multi-coloured squares on the screen.

Does anyone know how to solve this as someone took great pains to create the Drive Image file with all my programs and he is no longer available at this moment to help me to reformat and create my original system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Looks like your drive image file has done something odd.
I'd suggest a repair of windows - boot with your XP disk in (make sure it has been set to boot before your HD in the BIOS) the go to Setup Windows (NOT repair windows) follow the instructions until it searches and finds your installation of windows, you will then get the option to "Repair this installation of Windows" do that and it will restore your windows system files.
OK I will try that and come back to you if i still have a problem.

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