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Sep 21, 2016
I have a two controls on a MS Access Form. One is a hyperlink control and the other is a Web Browser Control.

The hyperlink is setup as such: Is Hyperlink Yes -> Display as hyperlink-> Always, Hyperlink Target ->WebBrowser14 (which is the name of the aforementioned Web Browser Control.)

On everyone else's machine the hyperlink opens in the web browser control. On the same PC if someone logs in with their credentials the PDF will load in the web browser Control. It is only under my login when the PDF will not load in the control but will download and open outside of the control. I have uninstalled adobe reader and acrobat x. The results were that the file still wanted to open outside of the control but could not open because adobe was on installed.

In short, it appears to be a profile specific settings. I have searched endlessly in the reg under HKey Current User without much luck.

Does anyone know where this setting is located?

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