Please request for live video and power point w code for Access Web connection Demo (1 Viewer)


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Oct 22, 2009
This Access club has a great site where a presentation and code can be posted for those who can't make it. The Microsoft sponsor also has the ability for live video streaming, and video archive.
In general: if just 8 others would request the presentation be available for video later, I feel they have a good chance to accommodate.
Complete Contact / Questions on-line form:

Please read the description then contact this Access club to request that this presentation has a video and presentation post. It is not always posted, but if several request are made in advance, the chances increase. This is an excellent volunteer organization dedicated to MS Access held at the Microsoft Office in Denver, Colorado.

Using MS Access with the Web / XML is a common question on our forum. This would be useful to many of us who might need some tips on how to start.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Access developers can leverage all the power of the Internet from the comfort and convenience of their familiar VBA code modules. We will review a real life application that processes credit cards in Access with no storage of credit card data… so it is PCI Compliant. You will see how 9 web calls to work together with Access. See how XMLHTTP and XML are used to tie Access to the web.

Live Meetings:
Not all meetings are live broadcast. Please be encouraged to inquire in advance for a live meeting. (AUG) is a Microsoft Access community effort to extend user involvement beyond "brick and mortar" user groups. DAAUG has jumped in with both feet, becoming the first non-virtual user group to be a part of AUG.
At the DAAUG page on AUG, you may view video recordings of past meetings, and even watch a meeting live, if you are unable to attend. Check out our page at AUG for more information!
Example The Last video posted was April 2016 -

Quote: "it has been a labor of love to organize, find volunteers and topics month after month to bring together people from around the globe."

How to contact in advance to ask for Live Video and posting of Power Point and code:
Or - Complete Contact / Questions on-line form:
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