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Apr 6, 2014
Help me? :)

My Access Query is asking for a 'Parameter value', he has done this a few times already and I was able to repair my wrongs, but this time I just cannot find it.
Also out of the blue he filled a column in the Query, in the 'field'? Veld in Dutch.
This is what he filled in: Expr1: [Factuurregels]. Factuurregels is one of my tables, it is also a 'subreport'.

The goal of my database was for me to be able to make bills/notas. My clients, products etc still have to be filled in. The company I do this for is really small, no more than 10 clients and only 5 articles.

SQL says this, though I don't understand the SQL at all... :)

SELECT [Factuurregels] AS Expr1
FROM (Leerlingen INNER JOIN Factuur ON Leerlingen.[Id] = Factuur.[LeerlingenID]) INNER JOIN Factuurregels ON Factuur.Factuurnummer = Factuurregels.FactuurID;

Thank you very very very very very much!


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Feb 26, 2007
Select * From TableName

Or Selected (specified) Fields then the joins.

Try Creating a Query and look at the SQL format and then copy the SQL Statement.


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