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Jan 14, 2017
All posts to moderated areas such as the code repository have to be first approved by moderators.
However, the forum software does not provide any method of alerting mods!

As a result, these posts can get overlooked and sometimes languish in an obscure corner of cyberspace for a long time.
Please do NOT keep reposting as that just causes duplication.
Instead report your own post to the repository to alert moderators.
As attachments have to be approved separately, please also mention them.

To do this, open another post you have done, click on the report hyperlink in the bottom left of the post and then write a message similar to this
This is to alert mods that I have just posted / replied to a thread called XXXX in the code repository. There are 3 attachments. Thanks

This will significantly accelerate the process of checking/approving such posts. Doing this means it should usually happen within 24 hours
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