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Sub-report is visible but not printing on paper (1 Viewer)


New member
Local time
Today, 21:02
Aug 31, 2020
In my Report I am having one sub-report (line item of invoice) is visible in the report view but it is missing in my print.


Local time
Today, 10:32
Aug 17, 2020
how are you opening it? when you open report objects in regular mode (report view), it prints automatically I believe, doesn't it? this is not true though, for print preview mode.

do you have any screenshots of the report opened up inside the app and the subrpt being visible, and then one of it missing in the printout?


Wino Moderator
Staff member
Local time
Today, 08:32
Aug 30, 2003
Welcome. FYI I moved your thread out of the introductions forum.

Report view is the not the same as normal view which prints automatically. Different events fire for those views so I'd see if there's any code running. Also, report view doesn't paginate like print view, so it may be the section you have it in.

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