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Subform won't print (1 Viewer)



I created a form in Access 97 with several subforms linked to it. The subforms are all visible within the main form. All the subforms seem to be functioning correctly within the main form so I'm assuming the relationships are set right. When attempting to print the main form, one of my subforms doesn't show up although the label appears where it should. Anyone know how to correct this (I'm a novice user and don't know diddly about programming)? Thanks.

R. Hicks

Local time
Today, 03:15
Dec 23, 1999
This would be too obvious, have you checked the subform's "Display When" property? It should be set to "Always", maybe it somehow has been changed to "Screen Only".
Like I said, this is only a shot in the dark.


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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the Display When is set to Always. I think I figured out what might be the problem. The table that subform is based on has no records in it yet. It was just created and nothing has been input to it although it has been linked to the main form. It's the only subform that's based on a table with no records in it so I'm assuming that's why it doesn't show up in print.

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