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May 7, 2015
Dear all,

I need assistance in providing guidance and assistance in the following database (I am a newbie with VBA and queries). I have attached the <> and here is a description of the purpose of the DB and what I cannot accomplish and called for your expertise.

The DB is made of 2 tables, those are <Personnel> and <Trainings>, 2 forms, those are <Personnel List> and <Personnel Details>. The <Personnel Details> form consists of two tabs, one is called <General Information>, which contains overall information about employees. The second tab, with which I am having difficulties, is called <Training information>.

I need to have the <Training information> tab, which is sub-formed with <Trainings> table, to be in continuous combo-box, i.e. for each created employee (the sample contains 4 employees) I need to have the field <Training title> in the combo-box field by department field. Like, if value <HR> is selected in the <Department> field, then the combo-box should list the values that are <Internal Auditor Course> and <Lead Auditor Course>, or if selected value <Maintenance> in <Department> field, then the combo-box should list values that include <Basics in instrumentation>, or if selected value <Construction> in <Department> field, then combo-box should list values that include <Intensive English>. What I was able to accomplish is the <Trainings> table is sub-formed to <Training information> tab and I can physically type the values for each of the trainings attended by all employees (over 2,000 in total).

The second issue I have is I need to make inactive cells <Issued date> and <Valid date> if the <Permanent> field is checked-in. Alternately, if the <Permanent> field is checked-out, then the cells <Issued date> and <Valid date> should become active.

I look forward to receiving any support, recommendations, if you have code / DB that has similarities, please post along.



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May 15, 2014
Honestly, I feel like you're dropping a spec on this forum.

Show us, in detail, where you currently stand with coding and design issues.

Also, give this book a read: Don't Make Me Think

Reading this "spec" was like getting slapped awake at 3AM and told to solve the rubix cube. :)



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Jun 21, 2011
Welcome to the Forum! :D

For dependent Combo Boxes I suggest you read up on cascading Combo Boxes. You can start here...

Your second problem is you are missing a table...

This is a Many-to-Many table.

As for making fields active/inactive... does not work so well on a continuous Form.

Side note, in Excel they are called Cells in Access on Forms they called Controls and in Tables fields. Tables, even Datasheet View, does not format like Excel.


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Dec 20, 2007
Hey Gina, don't those Blue Claw folks have some information on CDO as well? LOL

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