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May 15, 2012
Hey everyone, I'm Bruce

Not only am I new to this site, but also to Forums in general.

I started a job about 3 months ago that requires a lot of Access / SQL and soon to be VBA knowledge. Most of what I know I've picked up as I went a long. I'm hoping that this site will help me continue my education.
Most of my adult career I've worked in customer service with some database management experience. Now that the focus of my job is database management, I'll be taking some some courses at the local community college and using whatever online resoureces I can to catch up what i'm a little bit behind on.

If anyone has some online resources they like, I'd love to use them. Most of what I've learned I've gotten from If you know anything else like this, especially for VBA, i'd love to know about it, thanks!



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Jan 5, 2009

To learn VBA perhaps you could follow some of the Discussions in the "Modules and VBA" section. Especially look at some of the links provided in those threads.

Don't try to do complex problems.

Recordsets may be a good place to start. Advanced but not overly complicated.

Good Luck.

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