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Oct 6, 2019
hey you guys,

I'm currently building my own website, and due to the large amount of content that has to be uploaded to it, I developed a method to use other programs to write the source code instead of doing it all manually. The types of code that are required for my site are HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP/MYSQL. I've made very good use of Excel, Notepad and the Eclipse IDE for PHP (Eclipse is available for many other languages too). If you're a web developer or are thinking about getting into the web development game, the attached files could possibly be useful to you. The single files attached (TXTs and ZIPs) are some that I am currently using to make the development process easier. The zip folder called "website-dev-prep-tools" that's attached includes everything I'm currently using, which is one excel program, a few text file HTML-code templates, and a couple other tools. I posted this thread in case our members or guests are curious about how web development works, and if they feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the thought of doing the work, they might find these tools to be a useful guide to how easy it really can be with a good attitude and perseverance. When I started this project, I had written only a minimal amount of CSS code for the websites I manage. I have no creativity whatsoever. I can only draw stick people!

But at any rate, any feedback on this is certainly welcome. I hope this can be useful to our future visitors! =)


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