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George Hepworth
Nov 25, 2004
Please join us for our Monthly Chapter Presentation June 6th, 2024 , at 6:30PM Pacific (UTC -8)

You all know this story–you’ve lived it.

Your Access relational database application has been working “fine” for a long time. And then one day it doesn’t. What happened? Why did it happen? Where do you even start to look?

Ben offers strategies he uses to track down and correct bugs as well as those out of the blue problems we all experience.

Join us for a lively discussion of his approach to problem-solving in general and applying it to trouble-shooting for Access applications.

Bring your own best stories about bugs and how you found and fixed them. And if you happen to have a problem you haven’t resolved yet, ask the group. We’ll do our best to offer ideas and help.

Ben is a seasoned Access developer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He was a 7 time attender of the PAUG developer conference (until COVID) and is known for demonstrating tools he uses to streamline daily development. Ben developed the business rules for the online Access SQL Converter website available here. When he’s not behind a keyboard, Ben likes to ride an electric unicycle.

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