Using VBA to retrieve / download / recieve / emails from server (POP / IMAP ) (1 Viewer)


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Jun 29, 2016
I have looked through what seems like hundreds of threads on this and other forums and it seems like everyone hints at this being possible but nobody actually seems to know how.

I would like to use VBA to check an email (POP or IMAP, don't care), download the unread emails, delete them, and save the data into access tables. (Perhaps the subject, body, and from email address)

I understand that winsock can do this, but can't find any examples. I have found some 3rd party APIs, but they all have a charge.

I don't want to use outlook, I have a setup right now to send emails without outlook that works well on servers I use that don't have outlook installed, and skipping that middleman would be best for me.

Appreciate any help you can offer,


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