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VBA/Access Complete OOP Architecture (1 Viewer)


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Today, 15:27
Oct 6, 2019
hey you guys!

I finally got this finished so it's looking presentable. There's plenty of resources to explore here! This is just the VBA language. If you guys ever get involved in any other development platforms, those are even richer in terms of the amount of resources available to you. Hopefully our visitors can find this comprehensive guide useful and put it to good use in their own applications....(I could not attach these zip files to this post because they were apparently too big):

Google Drive (v. 2000.zip) => VBA Complete OOP Architecture v. 2000.zip

Google Drive (v. 2002-2003.zip) => VBA Complete OOP Architecture v. 2002-2003.zip

Google Drive (v. 2007-2016.zip) => VBA Complete OOP Architecture v. 2007-2016.zip

If you or your company are risk averse in terms of downloading files from the internet, you can access the online version of VBA's resource list on my website, at this address: https://www.adamevanovich.com/content/software/desktop-apps/ms-office/vba/architecture/

There is security on the site however, until it becomes available to the public, so if you would like to view it, send me a PM here on the forum and I can give you the credentials to access the page.
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