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Apr 5, 2010
Name 3 countries except US.....
For God's sake don't tell me they never heard about China. How many times the name of China has been in News, Papers, Radio,....
United State is a multi nation country. And the possibility of having a classmate from another country is pretty high. Even if not,
they must have heard about the problems between the Latinos, Cambodians, Chinese, Japanese and others in school or between friends.
I can't believe there's a person in US that hasn't heard about the wall and if s/he's heard about it, s/he knows about Mexico.

If the answer for 3x3x3 was 29 or 9 or whatever, I could believe it. But silence? come on. I simply don't think they were honest with the replies.
I was surprised that someone did answer Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam.

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