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Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
A couple of days ago, when I opened a pdf, I could rotate it if necessary or change its size. Now - NOTHING. I have to stand on my head to read the things that are scanned upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did the controls go?
Looks like I now have to right click and choose Edge to open a pdf.
Last time I looked, the Adobe Reader was a free download.
@The_Doc_Man - It still is but they have crippled the functionality. The current version doesn't let you do any manipulation other than zooming in. Even rotation of the pdf is now only available in the subscribed version. o_O
Give it a try. I'm using it as the PDF viewer. Since I am using Linux, I can't speak to it's effectiveness under Windows.

On a related topic. I recently ran across a webpage that I wanted to convert to PDF. I used this program, once, and it worked: Webpage to PDF.

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