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Jul 5, 2006
For the past four years the Democrats have been pushing the Russia Hoax including the allegations that Trump is an agent of Russia. Seems that a new narrative is emerging that China owns the Democratic Party!!! Recently, Fox News has been accelerating its anti-China narrative. Eric Swalwell under fire for connection to alleged Chinese spy and Tucker Carlson: Why is Eric Swalwell still on House Intel Committee after Chinese spy revelations? From the Tucker Carlson article:
A Chinese intelligence agent called Fang Fang -- or, as she renamed herself when she came to this country, Christine Fang -- became a force within the California Democratic Party. Along the way, she began a relationship with Eric Swalwell, now a member of the House Intelligence Committee and privy to this country's most closely held secrets.

Trump tweets video of Chinese professor claiming that Beijing can swing US policy because it has 'people at the top of America's core inner circle of power' in clip that has been deleted from social media in China
President Donald Trump has tweeted video of a Chinese professor suggesting that China has managed to influence U.S. policy for decades thanks to a special network of relationships with people at the upper echelons of American power.

China academic claims Beijing has 'fooled' US, has Wall Street allies

Considering the consulting activity of Hunter Biden in China (as the bag man), does this mean that Joe Biden (as head of the family syndicate) should be considered be an "agent" of China. So which country "owns" the US?

Since posting, I heard about this: Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden under federal investigation for tax case
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Based on who owns the most USA bonds, I think China.
We need our counter intelligence operations to be as robust as they possibly can be. Years ago I had so much faith in the patriotism of the average person in the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, etc. Now everything seems so political. ☹️
At the time I first posted this, the news concerning that Hunter Biden was under investigation was just breaking. Since then, Tucker Carlson had a follow-up video. Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden tax investigation confirms what we knew and mainstream media covered up.
In fact, the whole topic of foreign interference no longer seems like a priority for the Democratic Party. Why? Because it's now clear to everyone, whether they're willing to admit it or not, that the real threat to this country is not Russia and hasn't been for 30 years, not since the summer of 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. To claim otherwise is and was always absurd.

In fact, the real threat we face as a country is from the communist government of China, which -- and everyone knows this too -- has long been in bed with our Democratic elites. In some cases, literally in bed. (Yes, we're looking at you, Eric Swalwell, you lying creep.) (Emphasis added)

Now for the conspiracy twist. The leakage of the Hunter Biden story is to get Kamala Harris installed as President.
We can be pretty sure that Joe Biden didn't want to issue the statement in the first place. Why would he? Who would want to issue it? If he was pushed to issue the statement, then by whom and for what purpose was he pushed? We don't know the answer to that.

We do know that there are powerful forces within the Democratic Party that do not like Joe Biden. They believe Joe Biden is too male and too White and too wedded to politics as it used to be, back when there was a functioning Constitution that provided checks and balances on power. Those people would like to displace Joe Biden and get right to the part of the story where Kamala Harris and her sponsors and Google run the United States of America, and it's hard to believe they're going to wait four years to do that.
Defund the FBI is my new position. Not a single whistleblower complained about the political persecutions they conducted or about any of the crimes that they elected to overlook. Therefore, the organization is no longer worth saving. Take the critical operations and training facilities and give them to the US Marshall service and lay off everyone else.

I'm with Steve on the Hunter story. They are maneuvering to depose Biden before he even takes office.
yea, gotta watch out for those spies


ch spy.jpg
Please tell me why when foreign spies target Democrats, they get courtesy security briefings from the CIA but Republicans get investigated and persecuted for years? The pictures are a little fuzzy but it looks like the bulk of your spies are Chinese. Also, I don't see any Democrats. Does that tell you anything about your "fact" checkers?

What do we learn from these photos? Don't take selfies with Chinese people:)

Hypocrisy reigns!
Please tell me why when foreign spies target Democrats, they get courtesy security briefings from the CIA but Republicans get investigated and persecuted for years?
Because the democrats cut all ties when they are briefed.
But if you don't brief the Republicans, how are they supposed to comply? That is the hypocrisy of it all. You ASSUME that the Republicans are willing participants instead of targets but you don't make a similar assumption for Democrats. The Democrats must be innocent but the Republicans must be guilty. I don't like Republicans any more than you do but really???? Look at what the DOJ and FBI did to Carter Page and other members of Trump's team. They were investigated for FOUR years by at least three different groups and Trump NEVER got a security briefing telling him that there was suspicion that he was being targeted by Russian agents.
My "like" of Steve's response does not mean I am in the Republitard corner. I hold them in equal contempt as the Democraps...
Trump NEVER got a security briefing telling him that there was suspicion that he was being targeted by Russian agents.
Trump shrugged his shoulders "Thats Rudy"

During the briefing, FBI officials warned Trump that foreign agents might try to approach his associates, including family, friends and campaign staff. Though Trump has argued he was never warned explicitly that the FBI had concerns that some of his closest aides were compromised — including Flynn and campaign manager Paul Manafort — the file indicates that he and his team were given a general warning about the possibility.
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Trump shrugged his shoulders "Thats Rudy"
Playing the Russian Hoax card as a distraction. Emerging breaking news appears that China has been successfully manipulating events behind the scenes. One such item, the remarks of Di Dongsheng, a professor at Renmin University in Beijing who bragged that China "owned" some high ranking US political figures. Finger pointing through Hunter Biden (the bag man) to Joe Biden, the head of family crime syndicate. Of course, what I just wrote is speculation, but may prove to be true following the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Additionally there is a new, but unfortunate after-the-fact story: Liberal media ‘snuffed out' Hunter Biden coverage until after election to help defeat Trump, critics say. China wanted Biden to win, so it is reasonable plausible to speculate that China manipulated events to help that happen. From the article:
The scandal that was once dismissed by members of the media as “too disgusting” to cover and a "baseless conspiracy theory" now appears to be newsworthy in the eyes of the networks' decision-makers.
The Hill media columnist and Fox News contributor Joe Concha said the New York Post is presumably angry that it was accused of “peddling Russian disinformation.(Emphasis added)

“This thing was not only dismissed, it was actually suppressed,” Concha said Thursday on “America’s Newsroom.”

“It only makes you imagine… as far as Arizona, and Georgia and Pennsylvania, those races that were so close, if there was the vigor around the reporting about Hunter Biden as there was around Russian collusion, if the result could have been changed at some point,” Concha said.
The other day I was weighing myself. Upon announcing the sad news to my wife, who was lounging nearby, I happily added - Don't worry, that's just Russian Disinformation!
Not everything's a conspiracy Steve. Stay off those youtube channels.
Wait, Moke... doesn't your answer prove that you are part of the conspiracy to discredit conspiracy theorists? :unsure:
So, in October of THIS year, the CIA finally got around to telling Trump that someone in his circle was being targeted by the "Russians". What a joke. Are they the same people who told Bush that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction?

Disband the CIA along with the FBI! They have lost all their credibility. They are in on the coup and that was a last ditch effort to get the Trump people from talking about the Biden family connections to China and Russia.
Stay off those youtube channels.
No problem with that. Any channel that disagrees with the leftist position is being blocked. Is that the America you actually want to live in? You claim to be part of the "law" and yet you have no respect for the constitution or the law.

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