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Oct 6, 2019
hey all you developers out there...

if you were wondering how many resources there actually are available for VBA applications or Access in general, maybe this post will help out. You can use many things to produce interesting products. Like:

>Windows DLLs
> COM Objects
> VBA Object Model (enums, classes, methods, properties, etc...)
> Type Libraries (.tlb files)
> OCX (Active X) Controls

I downloaded the attached DLLviewer a long time ago, and I believe I got it from here:

Also is an .accdb file that shows a list of functions in the common (maybe useful) DLLs found in the windows OS. Also, the following link points to an .accdb file that has the full VBA object model components listed in different tables (although you can see it in the attached image "COM object list":

I would assume you could include interesting features in your apps, given all these resources that are available. Happy developing. :)


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