When we tested it with our X-Rite colorimeter, the VP2365wb put in an equally impressive display. At its default settings, an average Delta E (colour accuracy – the lower the better) of 2.6 and a maximum of 6.3 is a great result. Only the gamma, at 2.0, and the colour temperature of 6,998k are a little outside the ideal.

Switching to the User Color mode and leaving the Red, Green and Blue controls set to 100 made a measurable difference. The slight blue tinge all but disappeared, and further measurements proved as much, with the gamma rising to 2.1, colour temperature dropping to 6,900k and the average Delta E improving to an excellent 1.9.

This is a stunning performance, with only one notable issue: a tendency for the Viewsonic’s greyscale tracking to almost crush the darkest greys into black. In the darkest scenes of The Thing on Blu-ray, the VP2365wb seemed to lose a little detail compared to its pricier competitors.

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