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“Twenty years ago there were only a few forums...I joined Access World Forums to get help and ideas on specific issues. I continue to find AWF a friendly, informed and civil group to share, promote and discuss database topics with a focus on Ms Access.”


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I started working with access back in 1995 and for years struggled with books, but then I found AWF. If I had not received the help and advice from members I would have struggled for years with the basics.
Even after 25 years I still get stuck on occasion but know that if I dig myself a hole members here will always help dig me ou
t. Thanks to all.


“AWF has for many years been by far the most active Access forum...there are many experienced developers, including several past and present MVPs, all of whom gladly give up their time to assist others. When I first started using Access around 20 years ago, AWF was extremely helpful to me as an excellent source of information and played a very significant role in helping improve my skills and knowledge.”