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  • Just go to the other person's profile and click on the link that says "BEFRIEND xxxx" where xxxx is the name of the person. Don't know what is up with the normal way of adding someone as a friend but that is what it is.
    start a new thread. and send me alink to that thread. I might not answer it as I am not a total expert at everything. But maybe someone else will as well.
    Hi darbid, I am trying to save emails to an access database. I see you have given the following advice (I would suggest that you then get the ID number of this DB record and add this ID to the "mileage" field of the email item. Then you will always be able to find this email in outlook again (unless it is deleted) ), and have decided that this is the way to go but can't figure out how you put the ID into the mileage field. This is the code i tried:

    With TempRst
    On Error Resume Next
    !Subject = Mailobject.Subject
    !From = Mailobject.SenderName
    !To = Mailobject.To
    !BOdy = Mailobject.BOdy
    !DateSent = Mailobject.SentOn
    Mailobject.Mileage = TempRst("Id")
    'Mailobject.Read = True
    End With
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