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  • Sorry about the leukemia but glad for the remission. I retired August 31, 2016 after 28 1/2 years as a government contractor (plus 12 years of other stuff) at age 68 1/2. I have 3 grandsons, all of them technically "step-grandsons" since the parents aren't my kids.

    I'm physically OK though I've gotten older. My gall bladder and I parted ways a couple of years ago and I have to monitor my liver function a bit closer.

    With you having 10 grandchildren, it is time to enjoy some of them if they are close enough. Two of mine are close, just a few miles away. The other is in Florida where his dad lived before he met my stepdaughter.

    Good that you came back. My memory is a bit vague, though. Did you post under the same name when you last posted here?
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