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    Show Tables in query design not working

    If it WAS that causing it, you would most likely see scroll bars either at the right or bottom of the screen and you could scroll to the hidden region. If you don't see scroll bars, it's unlikely to be the cause. That was what I meant.
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    First event of a Database

    I would leave the form to open in the database settings as blank. Do everything you want to check and setup in the autoexec function and then docmd.openform "myfirstform" I didn't actually realise the open with form opened before the autoexec macro run. Or maybe I did a long while ago, which...
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    Show Tables in query design not working

    I didn't mean that. I meant could it have been positioned on a virtual screen somewhere off the visible screen. I doubt it, but it happens to me with some forms (other than system forms) occasionally. The add forms window is not locked in position, so I think it could be moved. I can certainly...
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    Show Tables in query design not working

    I doubt it, but could it be hidden off the screen somewhere? Do you have scroll bars on the form when that happens? It is supposed to be there on A2010, I presume?
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    Office Version 2205 Build 15225.20204 - Anyone having issues ?

    @isladogs Thanks for the advice Colin. I can dip my toe back in the water now.
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    Office Version 2205 Build 15225.20204 - Anyone having issues ?

    Does anyone know if this is issue is sorted yet? Can the normal update process be re-started?
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    Is Recordset Set

    maybe it's for the above reasons - most examples I see test for the negative if not myrecordset is nothing then use myrecordset end if
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    is there a way to save and Don't save bounded fields?

    The standard behaviour of access is to try to save changes automatically. Personally, I think trying to prevent that standard behaviour is very difficult to do. Experienced users won't expect to explicitly click "save". It's rather like removing the standard buttons at the top tight of a form...
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    Ubound does not work

    if there is one element in a (zero based) array, then ubound will return 0, as the highest element eg, an array {1,2} will return a ubound of 1, not 2, and the elements are arrayname(0) and arrayname(1)
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    If less than 5 digits in VBA

    A number is a number irrespective of the leading digits. If you need a string then your need to manage differently. eg 007 0007 00007 000007 are all number 7. If the leading zeroes make a difference (as with a phone number) then you need to treat it as a string.
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    What is the cheapest way to get the Ms Access installed on our system?

    It's not just the cheapest way. It's the legit way. I imagine a database includes details of the development environment somewhere. If you are developers, aren't properly licensed it might be exposed somehow.
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    Office Version 2205 Build 15225.20204 - Anyone having issues ?

    Thanks for all of these links. It's been useful. Would anyone know if run-time access gets affected. Would that actually be automatically updated, or would the installed version be untouched? Maybe run time access doesn't display these issues.
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    Grabbing XML field

    Maybe the text has a character at pos 19 that is being interpreted as an eof? Something like that. Try getting len(rst!xmlfield). or len (rst.fields("xmlfield")) I am not sure without testing, but maybe rst.fields("xmlfield") is not exactly the same as rst("xmlfield") I generally use the ...
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    Really struggling with cleaning this excel data when imported to Access

    Converting bad excel data into well formed relational data can be a nightmare. You do need to thoroughly understand the excel data first.
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    Is there a contemporary match for this Book?

    Among the others, my favourite Access books were O'Reilly Access Cookbook Alison Balter's Access Book VBA Developer's Handbook O'Reilly DAO Reference. I haven't got them to hand and can't quote all the authors. IMO, a lot of the A2000 and especially A2003 ideas are still relevant. It's just...
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