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  • (I didn't want to write in the thread because this is tangential)
    > You may not be able to append an autonumber to a SQL server autonumber field though.
    Yes you can, using SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON
    Hello. I do not know whether you can steer me in the right direction. I am at retirement age and wish to handover my North West Access Developer client base to someone. I think it is worth about £15k. Do you know how I could go about finding someone?
    I am running into a problem that you might already have the answer I found it in one of your replies about the following - do you still have it ?

    generally speaking, i would not bother trying to build an accounting package.

    there are very good reasonably priced ones available.

    if you are still interested though, i can give you a link to my fully featured general/nominal ledger. I don't want to market it for the above reasons. I am happy to give it away to anyone interested.

    it records journals entries, including reversing journals, exports TBs, profit statements etc.

    pm me, if you want it

    If so .. would be most grateful as I have just been landed with this one and it was beyond the orginal spec I put together ...Gary
    I haven't been on the forum for some time. I note that your gender is now displayed, were you getting too many offers! :)
    Hello Gemma,

    I figure out the problem, have you ever heard is the end-user not the software. Well it was one of those problems, it reality nothing was wrong with it, it was working fine, I let a bunch of lazy people talked me into a problem that did not exist. Thank you so much for helping me, I really appreciate it !!
    Please let me know if you can help me I will pay you if I have to just let me know how much.
    You live and learn. I didn't realize there was all this stuff here. A few PM's is all I've done previously. So sorry if I've not replied etc. I will check more carefully in future.

    Hi. You've helped me out on a few occasions with issues and I wondered if you were available today to complete some VB code for me.

    I'm willing to pay £250 whether it takes 1 hour or 1 day providing the issue is resolved to my satisfaction. If you have the time to work with me today on this please let me know and I'll give you more details. All dealing must reain confidential however.

    Please let me know ASAP.

    Kind Regards
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