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  • Hi JHB! You really helped me out with my form and query that I wanted to reach out to you for further help! I wanted to know how you designed the query to give me those specific results. You posted it yesterday on my thread titled SAMPLE15. What I wanted to do further was to have those results also open up a report with only the names of the special notes! I hope you can help! If you can please email at my username @gmail.com thanks so much!
    Thanks for looking at this JHB. The browse part of the code works fine, but the export part sends it to a form / word document. What i and needing it to do is send the browsed folder to a specific part of a drive.

    Good Morning JHB,
    Sorry for singling you out, but you helped me out so much with the search box, that im hoping you can help me out again with the last piece of my project.
    I have a post running in forms at the moment titled "Search for and upload a file to a specific location using a command button"
    I was wondering if you could have a look at post #4 for me as I am struggling to get a code that will transfer the browsed file to the specific location on my drive.
    Once again sorry for singling you out, but I need you expertise.

    Thanks in advance

    Hey buddy,

    Thanks for your help with the font/colour changing code before, I'm still a little stuck with it and I believe it may be because of other code that is being used in the DB (which I can't upload for privacy reasons).

    I'm happy to share screens with you if you have teamviewer or something like that and let you have a look at the code / errors etc? is that possible?
    Hi JHB,

    I'm sorry I'm singling you out but you seem to be the reliable source that has always given me a correct solution.. I'm on the home stretch of this project and I hope this is my last issue. Would you mind looking in the Reports Forum at a post I made titled: "Subform Only Showing Last Group Record" and tell me your ideas on how to handle this? I'm working on trying to add an access file... :)
    Hello, i was asking for crosstab
    please have a look for my example

    two tabs,
    Tab: MainQuery:
    Explain the main query which have been done to get this table.

    Tab2, Crosstab:
    is an example of what i want, please go to row 30 under unite "Osorio" so you can see what i mean ...
    I have done only one record for example.
    please see the attached file....
    it contains the exact data with one class.
    it contains the other class data.
    2.jpg (Wrong one)
    when i change the class it will insert record in new class as well as in the previous class also.how i can insert this happening...
    pls advised.
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