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    Have been a while !!

    It actually has been a long time. I have not been on here lately myself. My new job has taken me away from Access completely. Would you mind putting up a gang? See if anyone is interested?~
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    Have been a while !!

    Hello guys & gals !! How you all been? It has been a while since I have been online. Just wondering if anyone is interested to catchup in London in the weeks to come? It has been a while since I actually have even been online.
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    how to cancat a string with a number field

    Then Answer to, by, is not entierly TRUE, you can "reseed" autonumbers. Yes, it is possible. However then process is a tad tedious and not highly recommended. Although, I am convinced that there is no need to actually store such values unless otherwise necessary. I do not actually follow...
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    Sum IF ( Similar to Excel)

    How about a DCount? Total 0's = DCount("*", "yourTable", "yourNumberFieldName = 0") Total 1's = DCount("*", "yourTable", "yourNumberFieldName = 1") Total 2's = DCount("*", "yourTable", "yourNumberFieldName = 2") Total 3's = DCount("*", "yourTable", "yourNumberFieldName = 3")
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    duplicate records, show only the last one

    Try a GROUP BY Query, with a Max on the Date Field.
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    List printers in a listbox

    You would first create a form with one list box, for now just call it "List0", then instead of adding to the String, you simply use the .AddItem method, that would add items to the list box. Something like, If Printers.Count > 0 Then ' Get count of installed printers. strMsg...
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    Syntax Error in INSERT INTO - but I just cant see what it is?

    Dates need to be surrounded by #, not '. Double/Numbers do not need any special enclosures. Also there is a dangling , at the end. MySQL = "INSERT INTO TimesheetTableTemp (Employee, [Logon Account], [User Department], [Project Number], Activity, [Task Date], Hours, Detail) Values " MySQL =...
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    date format

    What is that you are exactly trying to do? Could you explain that in simple words?
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    missing operator error in multiple update statements

    Is NBCC ID or SSN by any chance Number Data Type than Text?
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    InputBox will not display

    I just joined the team of "Super" and I have no clue what exactly "OP was moderated" meant. :o
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    set a monthly reminder using outlook

    You do not have to delete this thread, just make other people aware you have posted it on the other site. So when people look at your post, they will (a) check the other thread and see if you have got any response so they are not spending their time and effort repeating the same alternatives...
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    set a monthly reminder using outlook

    Cross Posted at - Stack Overflow Please take a moment to read - A message to forum cross posters
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    InputBox will not display

    LOL ! What does a MODERATED POST mean? :confused:
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    File Date Modifed property in textbox

    When you release the "new" version just manually add a record in the log table. Then you just compare the date with the date the last time a copy was made to the local drive, if it matches well and good if not call your bat script to copy new version.
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    File Date Modifed property in textbox

    Why not create a log table? That would be far more easier than to create a meta object to read the information and assign it.
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