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Recent content by robert_mann

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    How to get GPS on my PDA?

    My android has this option. I can check all my GPS Fleet Tracking info with my mobile. But I am afraid with the receiver.
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    VBA to populate second table based on table 1

    VBA is a great thing. Some people do all the accounting jobs with excel and access. But for me I never used this manual things for my jobs or invoicing. I don't feel it really professional. So for [Link Removed]. One of the nearly free software still available on the net. Guncash is another one...
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    Suggestions for accounting

    Yes you are right man. I didn't find any software full free yet. Not even any app. A few app only give some of its options for free and charges for the premium account. Previously I used QB but quit as it was a pricey solution for me. Then for invoice template I started to use ZipBooks. I am not...
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    Hyperlink Issue

    The hyperlink code is <a href="your link goes here">Your target keyword here</a>
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    double ended bookeeping query mind bender

    Yes if you can and add an extra field name voucher Number then it will be easy to solve the equation. The double entry system of [Link removed] is based on the fact that every transaction has two parts, which therefore affects two ledger accounts. This serves as a kind of error-detection system...
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    Word Press...

    Google is the best teacher in my view. And why looking for other forums. WordPress has its own forum. I am not going to give a link but easily you can find it by yourself.
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    Website designing tips-

    Good tips. Thanks.
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    Creating a website

    If you want to learn basic web design go for Blogger otherwise go for WordPress. You will find everything there.
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    Damaged Hard drive external

    I faced the same problem with my Tosiba HDD a year ago. I think if you have a extra PC in your home then you should make copies of your important files and images. HDD can't be trusted. Now we have SSD in market with lots of speed.
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    Know anything about this

    Yeah its a GPS vehicle tracker. It will track your fleet and you can get the data anytime you want.
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    Looking for a graphics card

    I think budget is too low for a good graphics card. Since you are not a pro gamer I think a PNY GForce610 may fit your budget.
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    Old game but I have enjoyed every minute of it.
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    Gta 5

    I have played all the GTA series. GTA 3 and 4 are my most favorite.
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    Windows 10

    Yes, I am a happy windows 10 user. So smooth and fast. And the windows defender is awesome. It will try not to pass any malware or virus in your PC.
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    Windows 8.1 freezes at starting

    Why don't you upgrade to 10?
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