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    Solved Print Preview not the same paper size

    Access uses the installed printer to display a preview.
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    Welcome and enjoy the site.
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    Welcome to our new home!

    It looks good Jon. Glad you finally got it working. 8^)
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    China hacker attacks

    We all know that Jon. Wish we could help more.
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    China hacker attacks

    Good luck Jon.
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    Hello! New To Access

    Welcome to the Forum. Just post a specific question whenever you're ready. There are lots of helpers here.
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    Multi Column Combox

    Have you tried using the wizard to create the combo box?
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    Try: NewDate = DateAdd("yyyy", 1, Me.Expires) 'Me.Expires is the field with old date
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    I suspect that the Me.Expires object is not a DateTime field.
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    VBA code not working as expected

    Use your DLookup to populate a variable and then a MsgBox to display the results to troubleshoot your issue.
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    Hello from New Hampshire!

    Welcome to the site. Have fun.
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    Date Problem

    See if this link helps:
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    What is the best Event to use for....

    I would use the Change event of the TabControl.
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    Filtering subform records

    Not really sure. Sorry.
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    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to this Forum. Glad to have you on board.
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