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    Banks or Bandits? Is this just a US practice?

    True, but when it comes to the banking system, which is a public service, the people who get screwed are the hard-working average citizens, while other corporations perhaps screw over investors with their schemes. The American banking system is incredibly corrupt and harmful to the overall...
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    What sports do you do?

    Yoga. I get a lot of stress-tension headaches and a wack of other problems because of the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. Yoga helps to keep all of that in check. It's also a good de-stresser in itself. I also like to run, but not in the winter.
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    New Years Resolutions

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I don't usually do any New Year's resolutions, but this year ended quite badly with a bad shoulder injury and spending the holidays on muscle relaxants and pain killers. So I guess it is just a sensible thing and not really a new years resolution to want to get more...
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    Linking Web Submit Form to MS Access Database

    My thoughts exactly. This isn't the type of thing that would work universally on all setups. In order to be able to give you any advice, we would need to know that above information.
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    Creating a website

    Agreed that WordPress is a good option. It's incredibly easy to use and has good themes for what you want to use it for. But if you want to play with design yourself instead of going with a pre-designed theme, there are ways that you can build a photo gallery yourself on your website. This...
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    Hyperlink checker for local website

    Why specifically do you want to use Access?
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    Time to Leave What's App!

    Hmmm, it all depends on how they structure these ads. I couldn't possibly get rid of WhatsApp, since it is one of the main ways I keep in contact with people. But if the ads are intrusive, that would be very annoying. I assume it will be done similarly to what they are doing with Snapchat.
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    Greetings from Utah, US

    Welcome! What's the weather like in Utah right now?
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    Hey faogb, welcome to the forum!
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    Anyone using Microsoft Edge?

    Thanks for the feedback. I also wouldn't switch, I was more curious to try it out to see what some of these new features are all about. But I don't see myself ever giving up Chrome for it.
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    Is this right to put this on my Resume?

    I would also not put it in. You want to always promote yourself as being ready and willing to learn, grow, and develop. There should always be something else, some bigger goal on the horizon. It may be that you realize this all with one company that you finish off your career with, but you can...
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    what's a cookie?

    LOL I totally would have written something similar. I know this is a ridiculously old post, but it was great. Really made me laugh.
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    Anyone using Microsoft Edge?

    I have to admit that I wrote off Microsoft in the web browser department because in the end IE was such a disappointment, although just a little over a decade ago it had over 90% market use. So when I heard of the end of IE I thought "about time!" Then I heard about Edge coming out. I was kind...
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    A friendly hello to everyone

    Thanks Paul :)
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    A friendly hello to everyone

    Hi guys, As expected, I'm new. I am a complete beginner with programming, so please be patient with my newbie questions. I am here to learn. I feel like learning programming will open more doors for me. Looking forward to chatting with all of you. Sarah
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