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  • I'm trying to execute this query to return a value from another table(GradeAQualityAdjustment).

    SELECT CheckStubInfo.PatronNo, CheckStubInfo.[BF%], CheckStubInfo.SCC, CheckStubInfo.Bacteria, CheckStubInfo.[Protein%], Round(IIf((350-([CheckStubInfo].[SCC]/1000))>0,(350-([CheckStubInfo].[SCC]/1000))*[Pricing Info].[SCC Premium Price]),2) AS SCCAvg, DLookUp("QualityAdjustment","GradeAQualityAdjustment",[CheckStubInfo].[SCC] Between DLookUp("BegQuality","GradeAQualityAdjustment") And DLookUp("EndQuality","GradeAQualityAdjustment")) AS QualityAdj
    FROM [Pricing Info] INNER JOIN CheckStubInfo ON [Pricing Info].Date = CheckStubInfo.Date
    WHERE ((([Pricing Info].Date)=[CheckStubInfo].[Date]) AND ((CheckStubInfo.Grade)="A"));

    My problem is, that as soon as my query finds the first QualityAdj value, it only returns that value for the records that match. It doesn't look at any other records.
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