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  • I have the following data table. Please help me out with suitable countif formula.

    Ref: No Revision Item Grade
    D001 0 Civil D
    D001 1 Civil C
    D001 2 Civil B
    D001 3 Civil A
    D002 0 MEP-VE C
    D003 0 STR B
    D004 0 MEP-PL A
    D005 0 MEP-EL D
    D005 1 MEP-EL C
    D005 2 MEP-EL C
    D005 3 MEP-EL C
    D005 4 MEP-EL C
    D006 0 Civil B
    D007 0 MEP-DS B

    Here I want to count as below

    Total 7

    In abvoe 7 items the below should show the summary as
    It should check from C AND check IN columb B the greatest or if it is 0 and its related Grade to be taken to considered
    A B C D
    Civil 1 1
    MEP-PL 1
    MEP-EL 1
    MEP-DS 1
    MEP-VE 1
    STR 1
    Total 2 3 2 0

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