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  • DB Guy, you helped me once before. I am having a strange issue when sending sms messages from access. One user has an android phone and the other user has an Iphone 11. One provider is Tmobile and the other is Verizon.

    It is like the Iphone cannot accept the same lines of text as android.

    Any Ideas?
    I ran into an issue when sending a text message in Access. I have T-Mobile and the suffix is correct. I have another user who has Verizon. I am sending some fields based on a form in access as a text message. I am getting all of the fields in my text message, but the Verizon user is not getting all of the fields. Do you have any ideas?

    Hi, Happy New Year!
    Many thanks for being helpful and kind.
    I need to share an access db for many users on a local area network. Please, first, what's the best way to go about it? This is my first time trying it out. Second, if I have to store the backend on the server, my fear is "how do I link the shortcut icons of the end-users to the backend file?"
    Hi. Welcome to AWF! May I suggest posting your questions to the Access Forum to have a better chance of receiving multiple suggestions. Good luck!
    Okay, thank you very much
    Does anyone out there have a sample of the VB code to pull data from an access 2016 form and insert that data into an existing PDF form?\

    I had been banging my head for weeks over this, i think its possible but all the code i had found doesnt work. I think as i have learned i need to export that data to an xfdf file from within access is that correct?

    any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Did you already look at my PDF demos on my website? You don't have to use XFDF if you have Acrobat or another PDF creator tool available.
    can i filter listbox by both command button and search textbox
    haitham Elareny
    listbox datasource based on query and used Like "*" & [forms]![frm1]![txtsearch].[Text] & "*" on testname
    button1 on click List0.RowSource = "SELECT tbl1.tstname FROM tbl1; "
    button2 on click List0.RowSource = "SELECT tbl2.tstname2 FROM tbl2; "
    when i click button 1 .....listbox nolonger filtered by text search box
    i want to filter listbox by command button then search in listbox by textsearch
    haitham Elareny
    listbox rowsource based on query in which used Like "*" & [forms]![frm1]![txtsearch].[Text] & "*" in testname field
    on load it filters listbox
    Private Sub Command2_Click()
    List0.RowSource = "SELECT tbl1.tstname FROM tbl1; "
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command3_Click()
    List0.RowSource = "SELECT tbl2.tstname2 FROM tbl2; "
    End Sub

    Private Sub txtsearch_Change()
    End Sub
    haitham Elareny
    i wish to help me since i was tried more
    hi.... i want to design a message box which appear from right to left on opening at bottom of screen ,then disappear from left to right on closing .i tried with
    form_load inside height=20000&inside width=0 but want to change message width from 0 to line length on opening
    I would like to make the Archived Date field a "required" field if the Archived value is selected in the Status field in Access 2016. Is there anyway to have the cursor automatically go to the Archived Date field so that the date can be selected? Does you have any idea how to fix this?
    I used the following code:

    If Me.Status = "Archived" Then
    If IsNull(Me.Archived_Date) Then
    MsgBox "You must enter a date when the Status is Archived.", vbOKOnly
    Cancel = True
    End If
    End If
    Did you get this fixed? Sorry for the delay.
    How are you theDBguy I am struggling with this issue if you could follow the link:

    Thank you so much in advance!
    Hi. Unfortunately, I am out of the country, so I only have limited Internet access. I'll take a look if time permits or when I get back in a couple of weeks.
    Hello good morning sir

    Please sir I need your help, i design a database in MS access for a pharmaceutical shop. These are the field I have in my form
    a. Name of drugs (in combo)
    b. Quantity
    c. Unit price
    d. Total
    e. Grand Total
    Sir, if a customer bought more than one drugs how do i add more field in my form to add more?
    Name of drugs Quantity Unit Price Total
    1. Panadol 2 30 60

    Please how do I add more Drug Name, Quantity, Unit price and Total either by clicking on a button. Thanks for your usual assistance
    Have you considered using a Sub-Form? If you have the main form display the customer's data (name address phone etc.), the sub-form can display the products (drugs) purchased, date purchased, order number, quantity etc.
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