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  • sir: this is nice
    Application.SetOption "Auto Compact", True
    CurrentDB.Properties("AllowFullMenus") = False
    :very useful it complete my pane and objects restriction...
    Hi. Glad to hear it helped. Good luck with your project.
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    yes sir: it's all done, that was my last problem solved the rest only minor
    i have a big Accdb for General Services Office on Property List, Purchase Order, Vehicle Registration, etc...
    i include my web browser, file transfer, network browser, export/import file, etc...
    using Forms: split, single, datasheet...
    includes Macro, Module of numbers to text, my own build codes, up to 999,999,999...
    i wish i could start selling my Accdb Project on order with customer design...
    i guess im ready for Accdb Business...
    How are you theDBguy I am struggling with this issue if you could follow the link:

    Thank you so much in advance!
    Hi. Unfortunately, I am out of the country, so I only have limited Internet access. I'll take a look if time permits or when I get back in a couple of weeks.
    Hello good morning sir

    Please sir I need your help, i design a database in MS access for a pharmaceutical shop. These are the field I have in my form
    a. Name of drugs (in combo)
    b. Quantity
    c. Unit price
    d. Total
    e. Grand Total
    Sir, if a customer bought more than one drugs how do i add more field in my form to add more?
    Name of drugs Quantity Unit Price Total
    1. Panadol 2 30 60

    Please how do I add more Drug Name, Quantity, Unit price and Total either by clicking on a button. Thanks for your usual assistance
    Have you considered using a Sub-Form? If you have the main form display the customer's data (name address phone etc.), the sub-form can display the products (drugs) purchased, date purchased, order number, quantity etc.
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