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    Table Size Analysis

    You are doing my job very well :) Since we calculate the size of the entire file, we also include various technical information, whatever it may be. Yes, I call it a estimation because we can't calculate exactly because of the relations between tables, unicode compression and other reasons.
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    Microsoft Access isn't opening

    DT, сan you find the application window on the Processes tab of the Task Manager? If yes, there is an option to maximize the window. Another way is to use Nirsoft WinLister to search for the Access window.
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    Table Size Analysis

    I edited the post a little bit. You will see an error message 3838 if you run it on Northwind.accdb (but not on Northwind.mdb). arnelgp, with this sub you can estimate how much disk space your tables occupy.
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    Table Size Analysis

    How it works Collect all non-system tables in database. Export each table to a temporary database and compare size before and after. Show the table with the collected information and delete the temporary database. Usage Copy this Sub to a global module and run it with F5. Don't forget to...
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    Simple HTTP Server

    Simple web server to retrieve or add data to the Access database: All you need is Windows and Python 3.7. Examples:
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