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  1. isladogs

    Parameter query automation

    I only get flickering where doing the same actions within the Access app itself causes flickering. For example where there is a timer event. If you are attempting this over a remote connection, then all bets are off.
  2. isladogs

    Screen Flashes, Flickers and Form Refreshes

    Another cause of flickering that are timer events in either the current form or other running forms hidden in the background. Surprisingly, that doesn't seem to have been mentioned earlier in this lengthy thread...unless I missed it
  3. isladogs

    Is there any way to disable the incorporated "hover" properties for command buttons?

    I don't see any flicker on hover. There is a flicker on clicking any of the buttons. You could avoid/minimise this using Application.Echo events. Having said this I have several similar forms that show no flicker. BTW did you see my last reply to your password login thread? A reply to that...
  4. isladogs

    Screen Flashes, Flickers and Form Refreshes

    ...That includes timer events on hidden forms running in the background where no requery is involved. In fact, I've just spent a couple of hours working on an app with flickering caused by a timer event in a hidden form which is running some background security checks each time the timer runs.
  5. isladogs

    Screen Flashes, Flickers and Form Refreshes

    ...any other database or other Office programs are running. If so, the current app is closed as a security precaution against potential hacking from the external app. Turning off the timer events solves the flickering but of course that stops the checks being run 😁 Luckily its not a major issue
  6. isladogs

    Prevent Screen Updating

    As well as setting all controls hidden initially, you can minimize flicker by using Application.Echo = False before any code to set controls visible. Make sure you set Application.Echo=True after that code has finished so the display is updated Not sure why you need to resize controls if you...
  7. isladogs

    How to Open Form in Same Location as Already Open Form?

    Yes the code in the second link should allow you to do this. You may need to temporarily switch off screen updating to prevent/minimise flicker whilst changing forms
  8. isladogs

    Control 'Flickering' Problem I gave earlier Move Forms & Controls - Mendip Data Systems The Mouse Move events include code to prevent (or at least minimise) screen flicker Otherwise, @Minty's comment in post #11 describes what I referred to earlier about 'disabling' mouse move once the change has been made If...
  9. isladogs

    Form Flickering after set recordsource

    I also get no flicker. Tested on a Win 10 tablet with A365 64-bit
  10. isladogs

    Form Flickering after set recordsource

    Yes I did. The only time I got any kind of flicker was the first occasion I clicked the button when there was a slight delay. Not enough to be irritating though
  11. isladogs

    BAD form Flickr - Loading image to Image Control

    ...less blurred images than you have now. If its not too late, you could look at my folder image viewer app which does much the same thing and, I believe, doesn't suffer from form flicker. There are three forms demonstrating different ways of doing this. See Folder Image Viewer - Mendip Data...
  12. isladogs

    Macro Maximize Form On Open

    Yes its fine to use an autoexec macro for the startup form only. Having said that, there might be a slight flicker doing so as the startup form (surprisingly) loads before the autoexec macro runs. However my main point was that you can't use autoexec on the other forms which the OP also wants...
  13. isladogs

    Hiding Object Browser and running into a weird issue

    ...a new table using code. I don't have a complete list of such actions but where an action does cause it to reappear, all you can do his hide it again immediately. As this causes some screen flicker, its best to switch off screen updating first...but do remember to switch it on again!
  14. isladogs

    Hiding Object Browser and running into a weird issue

    ...Form_Load is better. I definitely wouldn't use Form_Current as that can be triggered repeatedly and would lead to distracting screen flicker. As my end users never see the ribbon or nav pane and as I use overlapping windows display rather than tabbed documents, hiding the application...
  15. isladogs

    Form Flickering

    Look at the Event tab of the form property sheet. There is a timer event if it says Event Procedure and the timer interval isn't zero as shown. If so, disable it by resetting the timer interval to zero. Does that fix the flickering?
  16. isladogs

    search listbox problem

    The Change event fires after each key stroke causing unwanted flickering as well as this issue Use the AfterUpdate event instead which will only fire after you press Enter The code can be simplified to: Private Sub pret2_AfterUpdate() Me.Popis48.Requery End Sub You could scrap the change...
  17. isladogs

    Form open/close transitions

    ...animation effects in Access but this generally requires a lot of code - it doesn't just 'happen' It is possible to temporarily switch off screen repainting to prevent flickering but again that's not going to provide any transition effect. So I'm baffled as to what you are describing having seen
  18. isladogs

    Solved What am I doing wrong...For Each

    ...included I didn't study your code. It looks good but some comments for you to consider 1. As mentioned previously you do have an issue with flickering which needs addressing. 2. On my 12" tablet some items do not display properly losing the top part of the text e.g. Reports...inspections and...
  19. isladogs

    Why doesn't the label stay on your Form

    ...benefits in my opinion;) Also, in earlier versions, unassociated labels on a tab control were determined to be one of the causes of screen flicker. The advice at that time was to ensure all labels were associated with a control. Not sure if it still applies...
  20. isladogs

    Dynamic setting RecordSource not display on the subform

    Well you got there quicker than me ....:banghead: I've removed all the unnecessary requery & refresh lines - all they are doing is causing lots of flickering. Also removed the double filtering of frmSummary. Much more responsive now as well
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