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Sep 21, 2011
8,523 can also be not-as-nice, at times :ROFLMAO:
Yes I know.
When I worked for Lloyds Bank my dept asked the IT dept to write them a small DB to assist with our workload.
They basically said 'No can do' and so then they asked me.
I created a DB to that helped my colleagues and especially the flow leaders and increased our productivity.

So much so, my flow leader could not help showing it off to a new manager who was setting up a new site to share the workload.
She mentioned it to the top man, who questioned what the DB was for and then immediately stopped it's use. :)

Had to go to the IT dept for 'governance'?. It passed, but the IT dept charged my old dept (I'd changed sites by then) £11K :(

The experts here could have written it in a few days, and it did not update any bank systems.

However I did get a little help from an IT individual, for which I was extremely grateful.


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Feb 28, 2001
20,264 can also be not-as-nice, at times :ROFLMAO:

Yep, the U.S.Navy's IT group at the Enterprise Data Center New Orleans was noted for being like the Men In Black. Specifically, when questioning Edgar's widow, agent K was overhear to say (paraphrasing): We're from the government, ma'am. We don't have a sense of humor.


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Sep 8, 2020
After walking back through all the changes I could remember to have done over the last month since this started happening, it APPEARS to have possibly been a broken reference in regards to conditional formatting. Not to sure how it happened, but the field the formatting was tied to somehow "broke" and was causing the automation error as it looked like it was getting stuck in a loop trying to calculate what to do.

Once I removed it, the app has been stable (at least for the morning) and has not crashed. Here is to hoping this was indeed the problem.

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