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Yesterday, 22:52
Jul 9, 2015
I wondering if anyone else has been having a recent problem with Access. I open the FE, something happens as I see a quick flash on the screen, then it closes. Access is not listed on the task manager, but there is an .laccdb file as if it were open. This has been happening just in the last two or three days. I cannot think of anything that I have been doing except giving a user higher level privileges.

I have been tinkering with the Resize Form code, but it is only used on one form not even closely related to startup.

I am able to open the file using shift-enter, place a break point, step through a few lines and then it's ok.

After more than two dozen attempts to replicate the issue, I have not been able to.

On a side note, this did lead me to update the shortcut creating batch and vbs files.

Let me know if you have experienced this and what you think may/may not contribute to the problem. (Thinking could be MS related, as they changed the trusted files/security settings a while ago, which caused some grief here.)



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Today, 06:52
Jan 14, 2017
Make a backup then try decompiling the project

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