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Sep 12, 2017
Several times I’ve seen basically the same question asked;
“I have a LIST and I want to show all of it, but only make linking records to those that apply?”
“How I do show all records in Table A and allow the user to link ONLY those records they want?”

Attached is a database that shows two approaches to “Show all of Table A and only those that link to Table B”. One is a subform that shows all from table A and a quantity applicable to the current record in table B, the other shows all from table A and has a separate form to show the links as children to Table B.

In the future I may work a bit more to make them more attractive / more functional, but for now the only “neat tricks” are to change the source for a combobox based on what Table A lists as values for use in the linking record and having big “+/-“ buttons for the products.


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