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Sep 20, 2019
Finally after some long hours, I was able to cobble together some code to work with KML files in VBA/Access.
The attached example includes an object that allows for the following features....

**this code is focused on placemarks only and does not support any other GE geometry (i.e. paths)**

1.) Creating a KML file from scratch quickly by specifying coordinates, name, etc.​
-Includes up to 10 custom marker types​
2.) Parsing Placemarks from KML file to VBA​
3.) Parsing Placemarks from KML file directly to Access Table.​

Items 2 and 3 are especially valuable to me because all the "solutions" that exist don't return reliable data (missing data pieces, including folders/subfolders in data set). This code extracts just the placemarks and has no regard for the folder/subfolders that the placemarks in the source file might exist in.

What I learned:
XML is a terrible data solution which I now have a love/hate relationship with.

No individuals in particular. Other forum contributors on the web who have messed with KML/XML stuff. Thank you.

I won't maintain this code unless a large bug is found. It was thrown together quickly and I hope its valuable to someone.



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