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Dec 2, 2008
Hi Guys,

I have been struggling for hours trying to do a conditional formatting to change color if the date on the form

If i was looking to highlight any date this month then it would be easy. I'm actually trying to highlight a "cut off date" that always finishes on the 15th day of the current month and starts afresh on the 16th of each month.

To do this formatting I believe I'm using the correct place to put the expression. In but cant figure out the expression syntax to rite to make it work. On field view, I go to Format tab, selecting the date fields I want to 'highlight', then clicking on conditional formatting, then selecting check values in current record or use expression, then when editing the rule,Choosing Where Field Value Is, then selecting is Greater Than Or Equal To and then put the Expression I cant seem to write.

This is the condition I need in plain English ;)

EG lets assume today is 16th May 2023 (which it is lol).

If today is 16th May 2023, and if the date in that form says 15th May 23 (or a future date) it should stay as the default of black.
If today is 16th May 2023, and if the date in that form says 16th May 23 (or a future date)it should now show in red
or if today was 30th May 2023 and if the date says 16th May 23 (or a future date)it should also be red
Or if today was even 15th June 2023 and if the date says 16th May 23 (or a future date) it should also be red
BUT if today changed to 16th June 2023, and if the date says 15th May 23 (or any PAST date) is should not show in red anymore and only show in black which is the default for all historical dates.
So if it becomes 16th June, anything that is 16th June or any future date will then be in red now instead of black

So literally, it can only be red for a period of 0 days to a max of just one month (unless its a future date) at any one time, between the 16th of last month until the 15th (inclusive) of this month.

No matter what i write, it gives me invalid syntax error and just cant get my head around how to write this in expression builder

Any help appreciated.

Thanks very much :)
Not really understanding logic of "or future date". In one statement you say "future date" should be black and in another should be red.


BETWEEN DateSerial(Year(Date()),Month(Date())-1,16) AND DateSerial(Year(Date()),Month(Date()),15)
Today is the 16th May????
Keep the condition simple:

[Condition is] [Day(date-in-question) > 15]

I've tried it and it works. Add additional Month() and (Year() if required into the condition.

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