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Today, 19:55
Mar 6, 2020
Uploaded next rev,,, still messy behind the scenes but will tidy up as I learn more thankyou,, to the right hand side in the tabbed area I have observations and News two both of which can have o2 values.. I would always take the observations first my question is can I set on a double click if I wanted to send that o2 reading to the next o2 reading in o2 on news 2




  • CDM1R1111.accdb
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May 11, 2011
still messy behind the scenes but will tidy up as I learn more thankyou,,

You can't just say you'll fix the crumbling foundation once the upstairs bathroom is painted the right color. You need to focus on your table structure now and put aside your input forms. Read up on normaliztion:

That's the process of properly setting up your tables/fields. The big issue you have is using values as field names. You do this a lot, but let's focus on GCS_Calc. [EYES], [VOICE] and [MOTOR] should not be field names, instead they should be values in a field. The proper way to structure that table is like so:

gc_ID, autonumber, primary key (currently [ID] field)
gc_Type, text, this will hold whether the records if for VOICE, EYES or MOTOR (those are the values it will hold)
gc_Description, text, this will hold the corresponding values in the EYES/VOICE/MOTOR fields

[GCS_FK] goes away because it serves no purpose. That's it, those 3 fields above will hold all the data you need for this table. Instead of 6 records with 3 null values you will have 15 records to accomodate all the EYES/VOICE/MOTOR fields with data in them.

Again, that's just one example, you've done the same thing with PT_GCS, PS, Secondary Survey and Observations--using values that should be in the table as names of fields. Put aside whatever this issue is about and work on your tables.

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