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Aug 7, 2017
Hi, I'm about to create an Excel addin, and would like to deploy as an Excel task pane addin rather than a VBA xla. I prefer this path because it makes the code more secure, the pane is a great UI that will provide guidance for users, and it will run in Excel without needing to download and install anything.
But I am frankly puzzled by the number of possible create and deploy pathways.
Optimally, I'd like to create the add-in and host it on my website for private use by clients, but it appears that the only way to host for non-domain users is in the Microsoft App Store.
If anyone has experience in the area, is it possible to host the add-in on my own website? And if so, how?
Also, can the task pane open my site's webpage in order to assist a client to customize their particular version before using it?
Any and all other tips or links to better information would be appreciated (I've found the MS tutorial for the basic task pane, sideloaded the example and it works fine, so I'm at least that far ahead of the game).

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