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Display query fields dynamically (1 Viewer)

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Today, 16:22
Jun 22, 2007
I just answered this question, and I'm sure it will come up again. If you want to specify fields to be displayed in a query, through the form interface, the only way I know how is to call a function from the form.

Assume a control named TXTfld shows the field name you want to display, and a control named TXTtbl shows the table name you want to query. The code then needs to be:
on error resume next

Dim db As Database
Set db = CurrentDb

db.QueryDefs.Delete "your query name"

RefreshDatabaseWindow [COLOR="DarkGreen"]'ALTERNATIVE CODING[/COLOR]

db.CreateQueryDef "your query name", _
                  "SELECT [" & Forms!formname!TXTfld & "] FROM " & forms!formname!TXTtbl

RefreshDatabaseWindow [COLOR="DarkGreen"]'ALTERNATIVE CODING[/COLOR]

DoCmd.OpenQuery "your query name"
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