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May 23, 2016
So i recently did my exams and there was this one question that is bugging me. it asked

"Create a single form with no subform, that allows bob to input the votes for each act for this round is required"

So what i did was i created 1 a combobox that bob needs the user to select an act which will allow him to enter a number in a text box and then press submit which will then use the append query.

but this is not right...

they want me to somehow make it so the act names all come on their separate row in the form and next to them is a text box where i can fill in the votes anhd then hit submit to save ALL of them at the same time rather than one by one.

So my question is: how do i go about getting data from another table without using a subform?

i know this all wont make sense so throw your questions at me and il try my best to answer all of the.


Oct 17, 2014
Without knowing more about this my guess would be to create a query which joins the tables involved and make that the record source of the form. The relationship between the tables would have to be set up correctly (unique primary key joined to foreign key) for the record set to be editable.

What exam is this? Is this thread about the same exam?

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