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Jan 10, 2005
I have made a little database that is used to enter details shipments and where users can print labels for the different shipments showing country, zip code and city of destination. All information is stored in a table for analysis via several reports.

We have two forwarders that we use for our shipments and they should get twice a day a list of destinations for each country; a preliminary and a final list.

For example on a certain day I have:
3 shipments going to France
4 shipments going to Germany
7 shipments going to the UK

What I want is that
Forwarder A gets 1 report e-mailed for France shipments
Forwarder B gets 1 report e-mailed for Germany shipments
Forwarder B gets 1 report e-mailed for UK shipments

so 1 e-mail per country for forwarder A or B

Any ideas how to best solve this complex matter??

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