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Jul 15, 2008
A little background...

I'm an Access newbie and have inherited a pretty sloppy DB from whomever originally built it (the guy is no longer with the company). The database is in Access 2003 and has two forms and a table. The table is comprised of various projects that my company is working on. Each project has a department assigned to it along with all of it's budgetary information. There is a column that contains the information of which department is working on the corresponding project and another column that contains the budgetary grand total for the same corresponding project.

What I need to do is...on the part of the form where you would add a record, I need to display (I assume in a text box) the sum of all budgetary totals for the given department when it is selected in a drop down on that same form. keep in mind that we have over 14 different "departments" and the table has over 500 rows.

I'm not sure if I would need to add a button to that form for this, but if neccessary, I can do that. It is my hope that it would display the total automatically when the department is selected in the drop down.


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Jun 29, 2004
sounds like a redesign is in order. can you redo what you have? for example, projects and departments should be in separate tables and at least a third table should be used to match a department to a project.

if you can't do that, a few sample rows might be helpful to look at to see what you need. sounds like you just have to sum two different columns (for each dept) then add the results (for each dept).

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