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Forms won't update table or querries (1 Viewer)



The only way I can add a record or update an existing record is in the table datasheet view. If I try to add or update a record in form view or querry datasheet view the message, "this recordset is not updateable" appears. I might have inadvertantly chaged something while creating calculated fields in a querry, but cannot find any problem. The calculated fields work ok.

I have the form properties set as follows: Allow Edits Yes
Allow Deletilons Yes
Data Entry Yes
Recordset Type Dynaset
Record Locks No Locks
Any help will be appreciated.


Pat Hartman

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Today, 08:12
Feb 19, 2002
Queries that use aggregate functions - sum, count, group by, etc. are not updateable.

If the calculation in the query operates only on data from a single row (for example you are dividing columnA by columnB), then all fields except the calculated one will be updateable. In this case if you want to update the underlying values, you will need to include them in the select. For example:
Select ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnA/ColumnB as CalcColumn .....

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